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How to customize your affiliate link

 How to customize your affiliate link

Login to your account:

  1. Click “Affiliate” on the profile menu bar to open the affiliate dashboard.
  2. Click on “Creazioni”
  3. Scroll down until you find the LINK GENERATOR, it should look like this:



  1. Copy any link about Academy products, paste it into the link generator then click “Generate”.
  2. Done, You have your affiliate link!

There are already banner created, click into it to get your affiliate link!


Once I have my affiliate link what do I do?

Anyone who clicks on your affiliate link containing https://www.academy.theweekender.it/ will go directly to the home page of the Academy The Weekender website. From there, if the user takes a course, you will receive 35% in commission once a user purchases that course.

Can I make different affiliate links to specific pages or courses inside Wired Creatives?

YES! Once you have access to your link generator, you can place any Academy The Weekender link into the generator and receive your affiliate link. To share a course, blog post, register them for a webinar or promotion we might be having.


CAUTION: For security reasons, cookies are not active on secure pages, so it’s not possible to direct users via an affiliate link to Academy The Weekender checkout page. In order to properly attribute an affiliate for a purchase, you must first direct the user to a non-secure page on Academy The Weekender (e.g. your course sales page).

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